Have you ever wished for the perfect pony?

Not too big, not too small. Something safe and sane that every member of the family can have fun with - from the annual 4th of July parade to competing its heart out in a combined driving event?

Search no more. You've found the Gotland Pony.

  • Gotlands are a strong, medium sized pony (up to 13 hands) with a very sturdy build that can comfortably carry up to 160 pounds. They have a typical pony head, muscular neck, nicely laid back shoulder, pronounced withers, long back and sloped croup. Their hooves are strong and rarely require shoeing. Legs are strong and enduring. Movement in general is easy going, elastic and smooth. Overall, this is a pony sure of foot, thrifty, extremely hardy and long living.

  • Best of all, Gotlands are a gentle pony, a steady, reliable partner with more of a common sense "let's think-it-over" attitude before reacting - a confidence builder for children and novice riders, as well as a trustworthy partner in competitions. They are handy at a wide variety of disciplines that require endurance, jumping, or consistent reliability.