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Suggested Reading:

"Hoofprints in Eden" by Sue Millard
Marvelous new Fell pony book. The ponies' background, the cycle of the year on the fells, the opinions and anecdotes of long-established North of England breeders, are covered in much detail and illustrated with over 100 photographs. Millard acknowledges the encouragement and practical support given by the Conservancy's Educational Committee. The book is now available from Hayloft Publishing in England.

"A Lifetime with Ponies" by R B Charlton
Reprint by the author's grandson Bob Charlton, himself a Fell pony breeder and Fell Pony Society Council member and former chairman. A fascinating insight into the breaking and handling of ponies, their selection, showing and typical uses in the 1950s. Also discusses Dales and Hackney ponies. For details of how to order see the Fell Pony Society web site.

THE FELL PONY by Clive Richardson
History of the breed and its current uses. Classic piece of writing published by J A Allen, London, in 1990. (NB the newer version has more photographs and less text. There is a small printers' error acknowledged by the author: ponies migrated to Britain from Europe between 10,000 BC and 20,000 BC; not as stated, around 1,500 BC, by which time the English Channel had intervened between Britain and Europe!)

DALES PONIES by Iona Fitzgerald
Many of the early sires of these Northern British ponies were common to both the Dale and Fell breeds. Lots of intriguing stories of the Fell's great counterparts on the eastern side of the Pennine range. Published by Whittet Books, Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK, and available from the FPS.

A Lifetime in the Fells by Bert Morland
Short and readable account of the origins of the Lunesdale herd with a great deal of breeding wisdom about the Fell pony. Probably out of print but available to read on the RareSteeds web site.

Fell Pony Society JUBILEE BOOK
Published by the Fell Pony Society to commemorate the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002, this contains stories, reminiscences, and recipes all with a Fell pony slant (does not include any recipes for cooking Fell ponies!)

ONE FELL SWOOP by Sue Millard
Humorous cartoon history and "Nature of the Beast", light reading with a lot of keen observation behind the funny drawings. Available from the FPS or from Sue's own site.